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Personalized Wine Box — makes a great gift

24 Oct
Wine Box Engraved

Rosewood Wine Box with Personalization

You just received an invitiation to cousin Tony’s wedding. Tony’s wedding is the talk of the family and you want to make sure your gift conveys how much you appreciate him and recognize his marriage.
Now the stress begins– what to give as a gift? There’s always the gift registry to choose from. But you are looking for a more personal gift. A gift that says, “I know what you like” and one that both Tony and his new bride will appreciate. You decide on a bottle of wine and a personalized gift wine box. Good choice.
A fine bottle of vino works well for a wedding gift. It’s not cheesy. It’s not something that will get passed aside. You can be sure a bottle of wine is a great wedding gift that both the bride and groom will use (drink) and appreciate. Just don’t give a bottle of wine. Dress the wine bottle up in its own personalized wine gift box. Now you are giving a heartfelt gift that will be remembered forever. The wine box should be engraved with the couple’s name and wedding date. There are countless options to choose from online.
And if you feel that one bottle does not send a deep enough message, consider buying several bottles of vino to help the new couple start a wine collection. There are many moderately priced options.
It is also very important to select a “good” bottle of wine. Buying a single $6.00 bottle of hooch is not going to cut it for a wedding gift. Here are some good examples to choose from.
Classic Wine Choices
1. Altamura Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon– $66.00
A sophisticated wine with hints of a coca scent. One of my personal favorites.
2. Merry Edwards Klopp Ranch Pinot Noir– $52.00
This is a fine California wine. Many don’t give pinot noir wines much attention, but this one is a kepper. It has a violet scent that will impress.
3. 2007 St. Francis Wild Oak Chardonnay– $26.00
Well balanced wine from Sonoma. Light but flavorful.
4. 2001 Bodega Matarromera Gran Reserva– $63.00
A smooth medium body wine with a crisp clean flora and spice scent.
5. Santa Margherita Pino Grigo– $29.00
My favorite pinot grigio. It’s light, fresh clean and pairs well with chicken, fish and most pasta dishes.
More on Wine Selection
Selecting the wine is a big deal. Do your homework and find out what types of wine the couple like best. If you need more help ask for it at your local licquor store. Don’t throw caution to the wind and buy the wine gift on a whim. Take your time and find the right bottle(s) of wine that you know the couple will appreciate and enjoy.
Use Common Cents
If Tony and his bride are wine enthusiasts, be sure to select an appropriate wine in the $35 -$70 range. They will appreciate it. On the other hand if the couple enjoys wine from a cardboard box, go with a few bottles of $9.00 wines.
And if you just don’t know what type of wine to buy, there is always the wine gift basket that many wine stores have available.
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