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Engraved Wine Boxes — a “How To” on the Wine Box Ceremony

8 Oct
Engraved Wine Ceremony Box

Elegant Engraved Wine Box!

Here at FirePoint Creations we have many creative and unique gifts. I always try to give some background to each one on this blog. This post is a bit different. I am going to give you the details on how to have a Wine Box Ceremony at a wedding.

Some say the Wine Box Ceremony has its roots in Irish heritage others say it is meant to replace the candle ceremony at a wedding. Truth is…I am just not sure. But it does not really matter. What matters is the fact that the Wine Box Ceremony is meaningful to the bride and groom.

Wine Box Ceremony and Love Letter

Here’s what’s needed:
1. Full unopened bottle of wine that both the bride and groom enjoy.

2. Wine Box – you can make your own or buy one. There’s many options out there on the web. There are links to the ones we offer online. See the pictures at the bottom of this article.

3. Two love letters. One from the bride to the groom and one from the groom to the bride. The love letters should fully express why each person loves the other. Be specific and use examples. I always remember the time my wife brought me a chicken noodle soup when I was sick as a dog with bronchitis back when we were dating. It was a small act of kindness. But I still remember it today. Keep the love letters private from another and make sure they are sealed in envelopes. Do not read each other’s letters—that comes much later on.

4. Then find some great pics of each of you to put in the box as well. And you could also put any other mementos is the box too. For example, tickets from a concert, score card from a golf game, or a flash drive with images, or any other content would be cool too. Anything that is meaningful to both the bride and groom will work great.

The box will be opened on your wedding anniversary or another special date of your choosing. The wine box can opened on any anniversary. But the 5th wedding anniversary seems to be a popular choice. Or it could be opened if the marriage hits some tough times. Before you make marriage-changing decisions, pull out the box, read the letters and share some wine. Remember the reasons why you fell love and what each person sincerely means to the other person.

This is a wonderful and creative ritual for your wedding day. It will be memorable and fun for everyone.

How the Wine Box Ceremony Works on Your Wedding Day

At the appropriate time during the wedding ceremony, the pastor, priest, reverend or other wedding official will explain the reasons for the love letters, the box and the bottle of wine, which are all displayed on a table for everyone to see.

The box will then be closed. Some say the box should be locked or nailed shut. I am not a fan of that method. Keys for locks get lost and opening a box that is nailed shut is very hard to open without using more tools. Opening the box should be easy. A box with a decorative latch will work like a charm.

The wedding guests will be honored to have seen such a sentimental and creative ritual.

Sample of Wording for the Wedding Official.

Wedding Official: MARY and JOHN have chosen a Love Letter & Wine Box ceremony to express their commitment for one another.

This wine box contains a bottle of wine, and love letters—one to each of the other. The love letters express the reasons they fell in love, and the reasons for getting to married to each other.

The letters are in separate envelopes and have not been shared with anyone—yet.
On their wedding anniversary they will open the wine box and share the love letters. Or if they choose they can open the box, share the wine and read the letters individually. The letters will remind each of them why and how they fell in love. Hopefully times will be favorable and they will wait till their 5th anniversary and share good times reading the letters and a glass of wine.

The Wine Ceremony Box should be proudly displayed in the new couple’s home. It will be a daily reminder to them of their love for one another and it will be great item for conversation.


Engraved Personalized Wine Box

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