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Fall Name Wreaths – Personalize the Season

10 Nov
Personalized Name Wreath

Autumn Wreath made of wood cut out leaves.

Fall is the season when everyone is carving pumpkins, planting colorful mums, enjoying watching the leaves change color to rich rusts, golds, and browns, and purchasing root vegetables to make hearty soups. And, if you love home decorating, it’s the perfect time to bring out your warm and inviting fall decorations. Including our favorite– Personalized Fall Name Wreath.

If you have friends and family celebrating birthdays or wedding anniversaries, it’s the ideal time to consider giving a personalized wreath that will last for years, because every time you or the recipient displays this cute wreath in the home, it’s guaranteed to bring a warm smile and fond thoughts.

Wreaths originated in southern Europe. Some represented a person’s occupation, rank, achievements, and status. While most people think of Christmas wreaths, there are other kinds of wreaths that can be displayed year round.

This month, FirePoint Creations is featuring its personalized 10″ diameter Autumn Wood Name Wreath. It’s made of warm earth tone American hardwoods and has embossed leaves that will bring classic charm to any home. Plus, it can be customized with a family’s last name or any single name you choose.

Do you have any idea how many ways you can display this wreath in your home?

How about:

• Flat on a table and putting a large, round mirror under it to show it off from all angles.
• In front of a large mirror.
• From a balcony railing.
• Hanging it on a handrail on your stairs.
• On a TV or armoire cabinet door.
• Hanging on a wall as part of a grouping of pictures and wall sconces.
• Over a fireplace or setting it on your fireplace mantle.
• On your front door. But, be sure you have a storm door to protect it from the outside elements.
• Hanging it in a window.
• Get two and hang them on the french doors in your home.
• On the wall above your bed, or if you have two windows above your bed, hanging it between the two windows.
• Over your sink, hanging it in the window.
• Placing it on a bookshelf as part of an overall arrangement.

Happy autumn and happy decorating!

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