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7 Tips on How to Buy Gifts People Want

29 Nov

Girl-with-gift-ChristmasGift shopping is at its peak this weekend with Black Friday, Cyber-Monday and all the other Holiday Sales taking place.   Follow my tips to buying cools gifts that will make friends and family be impressed and be the hit of the Christmas party.

1. Stop and Think About the Person

“He’s so hard to shop for.” I hear it all the time. Guess what– No, he’s not hard to shop for. You can’t blame your husband, boyfriend, dad…. You are the one buying the gift. You are the one that knows him best— or do you? Shopping for a loved one should not be hard. If you really know the person, you know what they like– right. So knock off the “He’s so hard to shop for” whining.


Break out a pen and piece of paper. Write down everyone that you plan to buy a gift. Leave 3 line spaces beneath each name. Then write 3 things that person likes. Then write something next to each of the likes that would be a possible gift. If you can not write 3 things that the person likes, you do not really know him and they do not deserve to be on your gift list. I know, it sounds a little harsh. But you know I am right. Here’s an example:


A. Loves BBQ Grilling— gift idea: Personalized BBQ Grill Tool Set

B. Volunteer Fireman — Engraved Fireman’s Prayer Glass Frame

C. Collects pensEngraved handcrafted pen that is one of kind


2. Start Planning Early

I know. You don’t have enough time to get out there to shop. But the early you start shopping, the less stress you will have. I suggest taking a day of vacation no later than the first week of Dec. Get out there early by 10:00 and take your list. See above. And remember shopping online is wonderful. There are tons of deals online. And many online stores offer free shipping.

3. Set a Budget

When you make your list write down a budget for each item you plan to buy. DO NOT stray off the plan. Stick to your budget. If you plan to add to Aunt Carmella’s Christmas Ornament collection, stick to the list and get her a personalized Christmas ornament. They typically cost not more than $15.00. She will love it and you stay under budget.

4. Gift Cards

Yes. It is OK to give a gift card as a Christmas gift for the right person. You can not give your 7-year-old niece a gift card even if it is to Toy-R-Us. She should get the actual toy. But you can give a gift card to your 14-year-old nephew to Game Stop. He will appreciate that you know he likes video games and he can select the game of his choice.

5. Giving Cash is Cool

So often you hear, “Giving cash is so impersonal”. Guess what?– cash is still king. Go ahead and feel free to give cash to anyone over the age 10. They will be thrilled to get it. BUT… do not give a check. Personal checks are a pain. Don’t make your loved one go to the bank to cash a check. That’s just not cool.

6. It’s All in the Presentation

You MUST wrap the gift. Presentation is everything! Even a gift card or cash has to be given with a card. Tearing apart the gift wrapping is fun whether you are 7 or 70. Go ahead and splurge and buy some wrapping paper from the dollar store and create a big presentation.

7. Give it in Person

Unless you live 400 miles away, be sure to give ALL your gifts if person. Don’t ask your brother or your mom to give the gifts because they will see that person first. Giving a gift is personal experience. Giving the gift in person let’s the other person know you really care about them.

Stay tuned. My next blog post will give tips on how to give gifts to specific people in you life.

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