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Personalized Ornaments for Tomorrow…Next Year…The Next Generation

3 Nov

There’s nothing like memories of the holidays– Christmas, Thanksgiving and even Halloween.
Memories connect us with friends, loved ones and family. Memories make you feel good.

Some of the best memories take place putting up the Christmas decorations. You know how it goes. You’re opening boxes of lights and ornaments and then it happens. The angel ornament that Aunt Jenny gave you triggers a fun and near-tear jerking memory. Ornaments do that. Personalized ornaments definitely do that.

Engraved Ornaments

Personalized Santa Picture Frame Ornament

You then un-box the 15 year old ornament that Aunt Rita gave you the first year you were married.  Those were good times…that are fun to remember.
Personalized ornaments are never re-gifted, never thrown away and remain keepsakes for generations. And they are very affordable. Most personalized Christmas ornaments range in price between $8.00 to $15.00.  Now with all the craft stores and online stores there are more options than ever before to find personalized gifts and ornaments. And there are personalized ornaments for just about any theme–School House ornaments make wonderful teacher’s gifts.
Don’t forget the classic and upscale engraved glass ornaments. These are great keepsakes for couple’s during their first year of marriage.
As you continue to open the decoration boxes, you come across a family of penguins. Last year you received the cutest gift at neighborhood Secret Santa party. Petey the Penguin is a family of four penguins with four snow balls engraved and personalized with all your family members. It was a fun and creative gift that made the perfect Secret Santa gift– small, affordable and memorable.
Petey Penguin Ornaments

Penguin Family Personalized Ornament

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