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10 Tips to Plan the Best Tailgate Party

29 Sep

Tailgates and grillings

Greetings FirePoint Creations fans. Today’s blog post is more on tailgating and grilling. Here are TEN quick tips to plan the BEST tailgate party ever. Let’s get to it.

1. Feel the Team Spirit. It doesn’t matter if it’s your kid’s rec football team or your favorite NFL team. You must dress for success and wear the team’s color proudly. A team jersey is always the best choice to support your fav team and player. Fan participation counts -don’t let everyone down.

2. Plan the Food List. Start early by deciding what food will be served at least 3-4 days before the actual tailgate party. And prep the food about one day before the game. Plan to bring the food in throw-away containers. The less you have to bring home the less you have to clean up.

3. Create a Check List. Write EVERYTHING down on paper that you plan to bring to the tailgate: tables, all the food, drinks, grill, grill tools, paper plates, utensils, water, towels. Then tick the items off as you pack them in your car.

4. Arrive Early. Plan to show up three hours before the game starts. Early arrival let’s you get a primo parking spot and start to set up. Plus, you get to have first drink and get the BBQ grill hot.

5. Location. Location. Location. Don’t be a jagg-off and take up two parking spots for your tailgate. This is not cool. Do park next to a grassy knoll or other open area where cars are not parking. I like to park next to concrete barriers. This gives my tailgate parties extra space for the grill and and all my BBQ grilling tools.

6. Raise a Flag. Fly your team’s flag or a team towl or even a big sheet high in the air. This will act as a visual marker for all your friends to find the tailgate party.

7. More Team Spirit. Make sure your tailgate is full of your team’s flags, signs and other decorations. It just creates good karma and it looks cool too.

8. Meet and Greet. Be sure to meet and talk to everyone at your tailgate and make sure they all taste your BBQ grilled delectables. Toss the ball around, play corn-hole and have fun. And go out of your way to meet your neighboring tailgaters. Remember we all are on the same team.

9. Eat it Up. It is time critical to make sure all food is out, grilled and served at least 90 min. before game time. This lets everyone eat without being rushed to get to the stadium/field.

Friends don’t let friends tailgate without BBQ grill tools

10. Clean it Up.  Before heading to the game, get people involved to clean up the tailgate with you. The more people that help, the quicker you get to the game. Your area needs to be as clean (if not cleaner) than the way it way before you parked. Be sure to clean the BBQ grill tools and anything else you plan to take home before you go into the game. This just makes it easier to clean up after the game.


Tailgating an American Tradition

21 Sep

Personalized Grill Tools

Tailgate the right way with a set of personalized grill tools

The autumn weather has arrived across much of country. But there is still plenty of time to have a ton of outdoor fun at family get-to-togethers, and of course- tailgating to celebrate all types of sports–high school, college and pro.  There is no lack of grilling going on that’s for sure.

Tailgating is as American as apple pie. In fact, I am going to change that saying to “BLANK is as American as TAILGATING.” You see tailgating is an American phenomenon. Our “friends” in Europe don’t tailgate for soccer games. They have a completely different set of rules at their stadiums…it’s just not how they roll over there. There you go. You heard it hear first. Tailgating is an American Tradition that we all love.

But why are we so hooked on tailgaiting. Here’s my top 5 reasons we Americans love tailgating.

1. Drink and Be Merry
Gives us a reason to crack open a cold one in public (beer, pop) and relax. Drinking in public is rare theses days.

2. Eat Up
I have been to hundreds of tailgate parties and I am always amazed at the amount and quality of the food. Grilled brats, hambugers, chicken and hot dogs, desserts that are mind-blowing. And more types of chips and dips than you can shake stick at. Nuff said!

3. For the Common Good
A tailgate party brings hundreds, if not thousands of people together to celebrate their favorite team. Everyone feels connected to each other in some small or big way.

4. Get Invovled
Tailgating allows people to do more than just watch their favorite team. It let’s them be invloved with the stadium and everyone in it.

5. Turns a Game into a Party
Easy– who doesn’t like a party?

Tailgate parties are the place where we can all come together and celebrate one common cause– cheering our favorite team to victory.

It helps us forget about all the crap and stress at work. We unwind (sometimes too much) and enjoy the BBQ grilled chicken, a cold beer and the company of about 60,000 friends.

TEASER— My next blog post will give fun and useful tips for your own tailgate party. Stay tuned.

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