Custom Engraving? Custom Products? Yea, we do that!

15 Aug

ipad engraving custom imageWhether it’s one special item, or a whole batch of iPads, we are able to laser engrave just about anything.  But we are also experts at creating new items and engraving and personalizing them as well. For instance, do you want to make a sign for your husband’s “man cave?” or your RV or your summer cabin?  Just tell us what you want it to look like, and what we should engrave on it, and we’ll run one up for you.

This is the part of our business we enjoy the most, because we get to work with our customers directly to come up with creative, custom products.

So if you have an idea for a new product, please let us know.  Get in touch and let’s put our heads together on the coolest personalized gift you can imagine!


Grilling. BBQ. Cooking out. Whatever you call it, we’ve got your tools!

2 Aug engraved grill tools set

Cheers from Indiana!  For anyone who has been trying to grill out this summer, it’s nice that the weather has broken and we’ve more than a few days of moderate temperatures and blue skies!

Our personalized grill tool set is a perennial favorite and we wanted to share with you a new video that gives you a more interactive look at the fork, spatula and tongs — along with the engraved bamboo carrying case they come in.  We are intent on creating more and more product videos all the time, as well know it can make your shopping decisions easier.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million!

Oh, and we include a little hamburger recipe “secret” in our video as well.  Try it next time and see if the family notices how great they taste!


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Made in the U.S.A. Really!

27 Jul

made in the U.S.A. iconHi!  Mark Conde here with a note about this icon you’ll see in various parts of our site. What does it mean, exactly? Well, you might be surprised to learn that quite a few of our products are indeed handcrafted by me in my Indiana workshop. I’ve been a woodworker for years now and like many people, I turned my hobby into a new business when I started Firepoint Creations.

One popular item which I hand-turn and engrave are wooden pens. I use a variety of suitable woods, to give each pen a truly special appearance. Trust me, each one of these engraved pens are indeed unique. As a matter of fact, I recently pruned some ornamental pear trees on my property and they’ll soon be trimmed, processed and turned on my lathe — for a new batch of wood pens. Some other handmade items include wooden picture frames and wooden cutting boards, along with others.

engraved wood pen

By the way, because I can craft items in my wood shop, it is easy for us to create totally custom designs and engravings. If you have an idea about how one of our products might be modified to fit your needs, or it you have a creative idea for a completely new product, please let me know! Contact me today and let’s talk about it, whether it’s a one-off present for a friend or family member, or a bulk order for a corporate conference, convention or seminar, we’d be happy to help!

And you’ll be happy to know that your item was proudly Made in the USA!



Personalized Graduation Presents

26 Jul

My name is Mark Conde, and I’m the chief-cook-and-bottle-washer here are Firepoint Creations.  From time to time I like to let you know what’s new with our line of engraved and personalized gifts, and perhaps give you some ideas for particular holidays.

Engraved gifts are always appreciated, but especially so when commemorating the achievement of graduation. As graduates transition to a new chapter in life, personalized gifts provide both a reflection of past experiences, but also create a unique and professional entry into a new stage of life. If you’re having a tough time deciding on the perfect gift idea, definitely think about a customized item that will truly make the gift extra special.
Here are a few items to consider:
Graduation day is certainly a huge milestone in the life of your loved one. A personalized picture frame is the perfect way to capture the memory of this momentous occasion with a personally crafted picture frame. Your loved one can look back and remember a day marked with emotion and sense of achievement.
engraved wood pen imagePersonalized Pens
As your graduate moves on to college or enters the workforce a personalized writing instrument is a wonderful way to convey a professional image with a gift that reflects a personal touch. Engraving your graduates name on a stylish pen will show your graduate you took the time to show a personal touch with your gift.
A personalized flash drive is a unique, yet practical gift that reflects the professional achievement of graduation. Engraving provides that personalized touch that serves as reminder of your graduate’s special day. There are endless options for providing a customized gift to your graduation. Items that reflect their likes and personality with custom features are always a welcome surprise.
BTW, if you’d like to contact me with a question, comment or about making you a custom-engraved gift,

Father’s Day — Personalized!

21 Jul
What to get Dad for Father’s Day… The holiday is sometimes lost behind the commercial success of Mother’s Day. There seems to be no end of Mother’s Day gift ideas- in fact we’re pretty much inundated with suggestions from jewelry stores, florists, restaurants and candy stores. We have endless ideas for ways to pamper Mom on her special day and rightly so. Moms are special; they’re full of love and nurturing to their very core. Why would we not want to make Mother’s Day a reflection of our appreciation for Mom?
So what about dad? There are a ton of clichéd gift ideas out there. Ties, aprons, fishing hats… If those are things your dad is into, they might be great ideas, or they could just be another tired last minute selection. Here’s the thing – Dads want to be appreciated on Father’s Day. Men love and care for their children and feel good when they receive a token of affection. So you’re saying we should put some thought into a Father’s Day gift? Yes! It doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant; it just needs to show thought. A gift which shows you know what is important to your Dad or simply one that says “I love and respect you”
Personalized gifts are a perfect way to show how much Dad means to you. Here are couple ideas of a gift that might just brighten your Dad’s special day.
Summer just seems to bring out the chef in all of us – and if your dad loves grilling, this is a fantastic personalized and high quality gift to help him hone his outdoor cooking skills.
These decorative bottle stoppers are a great keepsake gift that will help dad remember you everytime you pours wine for a special occasion.
Tell your dad how important he is to you with a beautiful personally inscribed wood plaque No more last minute ugly ties. This year get your dad a gift that tells him how much you love and admire him and how appreciative you are of his influence in your life.
Later!  Mark
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