Tailgating an American Tradition

21 Sep

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The autumn weather has arrived across much of country. But there is still plenty of time to have a ton of outdoor fun at family get-to-togethers, and of course- tailgating to celebrate all types of sports–high school, college and pro.  There is no lack of grilling going on that’s for sure.

Tailgating is as American as apple pie. In fact, I am going to change that saying to “BLANK is as American as TAILGATING.” You see tailgating is an American phenomenon. Our “friends” in Europe don’t tailgate for soccer games. They have a completely different set of rules at their stadiums…it’s just not how they roll over there. There you go. You heard it hear first. Tailgating is an American Tradition that we all love.

But why are we so hooked on tailgaiting. Here’s my top 5 reasons we Americans love tailgating.

1. Drink and Be Merry
Gives us a reason to crack open a cold one in public (beer, pop) and relax. Drinking in public is rare theses days.

2. Eat Up
I have been to hundreds of tailgate parties and I am always amazed at the amount and quality of the food. Grilled brats, hambugers, chicken and hot dogs, desserts that are mind-blowing. And more types of chips and dips than you can shake stick at. Nuff said!

3. For the Common Good
A tailgate party brings hundreds, if not thousands of people together to celebrate their favorite team. Everyone feels connected to each other in some small or big way.

4. Get Invovled
Tailgating allows people to do more than just watch their favorite team. It let’s them be invloved with the stadium and everyone in it.

5. Turns a Game into a Party
Easy– who doesn’t like a party?

Tailgate parties are the place where we can all come together and celebrate one common cause– cheering our favorite team to victory.

It helps us forget about all the crap and stress at work. We unwind (sometimes too much) and enjoy the BBQ grilled chicken, a cold beer and the company of about 60,000 friends.

TEASER— My next blog post will give fun and useful tips for your own tailgate party. Stay tuned.

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