Grilling. BBQ. Cooking out. Whatever you call it, we’ve got your tools!

2 Aug

Cheers from Indiana!  For anyone who has been trying to grill out this summer, it’s nice that the weather has broken and we’ve more than a few days of moderate temperatures and blue skies!

Our personalized grill tool set is a perennial favorite and we wanted to share with you a new video that gives you a more interactive look at the fork, spatula and tongs — along with the engraved bamboo carrying case they come in.  We are intent on creating more and more product videos all the time, as well know it can make your shopping decisions easier.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million!

Oh, and we include a little hamburger recipe “secret” in our video as well.  Try it next time and see if the family notices how great they taste!


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